KingTiger Tester is a leading designer of Test Equipment for the memory semiconductor industry. Based on revolutionary new test techniques, KingTiger Technology's test equipment presents added value for all different stages and levels of memory testing. From DRAM semiconductor fabrication to memory module production, KingTiger provides products and services that will reduce test cost and increase correlation to target applications at an unprecedented level.

Behavioral Test Technology (BTT ) is a revolutionary, patented technology proven world wide. It can identify memory malfunctions that escape usual testing methods. The King Tiger Memory Test System [uses this technology] is designed to test and identify problems in DDR memory devices and modules that may have passed every usual manufacturing test, but which can still fail in normal use. BTT allows the memory test engineer to integrate the signals from the King Tiger System into a traditional test environment and afford the engineer the highest level of test correlation currently available.

Current Model:

  • KT-2P : DDR1. DDR2. FBD
  • KT-3P : DDR2. DDR3. LRD
  • KT-3P Engineering  Type (Single-site)

Next Generation:

  • KT-3M (Module): DDR3 > 2Gbps +
  • KT-4D (Device) : DDR4 > 2Gbps +